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I hope someone out there can help me!

Almost five years ago my world was shattered by the loss off one of my three closest friends to suicide. At only 19, myfriend in question was 20, we were a tight 4 and this came completely out of the blue, so it took the three of us left a long time to grieve. For a long time I have been thinking of a tattoo to remember my friend, but couldn't think of a fitting tribute, after researching his name I found it derived from the Roman god Mars, the symbol for mars being a circle with an arrow pointing northeast, now commonly associated with the male sex, not good enough.

Anyway, to the point, i was inspired by a tattoo of some roman numerals that led me to thinking of designing a cross made of roman numerals, the year of his birth running down (its longer) and the year he died running accross. I put the idea to my two friends and we're to all have it done.

I though to make it a little more special i'd like to include a latin phrase in the tatt, possibly in a circle arround the top of the cross, problem being that i don't know much latin, so i'm open to suggestions.

Ideas i have had run along the lines of "Fallen Fiend" or "Never Forgotten", but would like to hear any ideasd any one would have regarding to the death of loved ones.

I'd like to steer clear of too much religion as nether me or my friends are religious, and don't ask why i'm using the symbol of a cross, because it predates modern religion, as is seen as a symbol of death throughout the world.

Much appreciated



Civis Illustris

  • Civis Illustris

numquam effluebis = you will never be forgotten.
numquam effluas = may you never be forgotten.

This is a very rough attempt. the verb, effluere means literally 'to flow out', but I found that it has other meanings, 'to vanish, to be forgotten', and, quite oppositely, 'come to light, become known.'

you could add something like ex mente, corde, anima, etc. which means, out of (my, our, etc.) mind, heart, soul, etc..

maybe, numquam ex anima effluebis. I don't know about it, though. wait for a second opinion, for sure.




Wow, that was quick, thanks for your input very helpful

another thought was about the shortness off life, followed by one of the few latin phrases I know, but how I like to live my life "carpe diem"