French: Vailance Avance Thomme



Hi all,

While doing some research into my family history I came across the phrase below; I took French not Latin!

"Vailance Avance Thomme"

If anyone could help with a translation I would be very grateful!

Thanks one and all.

Fulgor Laculus

Civis Illustris
Well then why don't you reveal to us what that means, since it is in French !
Something to do with bravery and progress, perhaps ? And there wouldn't happen to be a 'Thomme' surname among your ancestors, by any chance ?


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I assume that it is vaillance with a double-l, in which case the only meaning I can come up with is:

courage pushes Thomme forward

Imber Ranae

Ranunculus Iracundus
It's probably Vaillance avance l'homme "Valor drives the man".