From now until forever


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Dear all,

"Ab hinc ad infinitum" - From here (now) until forever.

Could you tell if the following phrase is correct? Different dictionaries provide me with different results. This one sounds the best for me. Ex nunc ad infitium, ab initio ad infinitum - they sound too "legal". Hinc usque in aeternum, amodo usque in sempiternum, they doesn't sound good to me.

Is "Ab illo tempore, ad infinitum" a correct phrase?


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I would do abhinc in aeternum/perpetuum.


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Abhinc generally means "ago".

Ex hoc tempore usque in aeternum would mean "from now (this moment) forever".

As you see, it loses something: the "until forever", but I'm not sure I can risk it literally in Latin (usque ad in aeternum); it wouldn't be standard, though you might tell me that "until forever" isn't really standard in English either, but that it's kind of the point...