Half-remembered quotations

Etaoin Shrdlu

The internet has made it incredibly easy to find out who said what, and on what authority. But often you need the exact wording, or something like it, and sometimes you can't, or it might be that you only know a translated version.

So this is a thread for whatever you vaguely remember from somewhere, but can't track down by means of a simple search, in the hope that someone might know the correct form and hence the answer to your quest.

Three of mine:

1) It's never love for the same thing that makes allies of people. It's always hate for the same thing. What makes this one particularly frustrating is that I posted on another no longer extant site about it, found out the answer and forgot it again.

2) Never hate someone for their colour when there are so many better reasons. I have an idea it was a British footballer, though it sounds too good for one of those notoriously inarticulate celebrities.

3) Something about the definition of really bad news is about the same programme being on every channel or station. Very unsure of the wording of this one.
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Etaoin Shrdlu

Thinking about it, I should have put this in the Other Languages subforum, as it's rather linguistic. Could some friendly mod move it (and possibly cull this post)?

Etaoin Shrdlu

I'm impressed. I suppose I thought Denis Leary was a footballer because his name sounded to me as though he should have been.


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Etaoin and I and most or all regular members here are aware, if from nothing else then at least from translation requests in the English-Latin section, that there are many quotes out there with dubious attributions. You'll find all over the internet that Einstein or Marcus Aurelius said this or that, but without precise reference, as you say. When such is the case, chances are great that the attribution is spurious. Often, in the best of cases it will be a loose rewording or summary or interepretation of something the person actually said; in the worst (and not rare) cases the attribution will be completely made up.