Harrowing of Hell


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I need this additional translation, and request it with gratitude for this and previous help.
River of Trespasses
Ice Gallery
The Pit


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River of Trespasses - Flumen Delictorum
Ice Gallery - [Porticus/ Pinacotheca] Glacialis (porticus = gallery as covered passage - colonnada, piaza ; pinacotheca = gallery as art gallery, picture gallery)
The Pit - Puteus


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Note that, because Latin doesn't have a definite article, it's rather difficult to convey the idea of "The Pit" (puteus can also just mean "pit" or "a pit", and in fact it has a more general meaning even than that -- it can refer to, for example, a well or cistern.)

If you're referring to the bottomless pit from Revelation 9 (which sounds likely from the context) it is called there puteus abyssi = "the pit of the abyss".