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Ok, part 2:

Anyways, I've used my gym's scanner tool. According to it, my body fat percentage is 16.2% & my BMI is 26.3.
Well, BMI is, again, a totally outdated nonsensical (bs) measurement, because it doesn't take the body composition in consideration ;-P It should evaporate from the face of the Earth... xD (I mean, it has some value when applied to a population of average untrained unpregnant individuals who aren't too tall or too short... eh :-/)

Well, I would have to see you, but just out of a hat, I do think your device really undermeasures (perhaps even significantly), which is common for these things. You will probably get much better values from an "eye scan" by an experienced lifter (e.g. send your photo to coach Greg) :) Of course then, if true, awesome results & genetics! (But I would at least have to see you first, haha :D)

Apparently, that's the only place my body stores fat.
Take that with a grain of salt. The body will, of course, store the fat also in limbs & face (and buttocks, chest), it is inevitable, but yes, the ratio, the percentage can differ for guys. And yes, for males, the abdominal area is very typical for it: it is expected indeed.

I've paid extra attention to my caloric intake & made extra sure that I'm only doing a lean bulk, which seems to have helped a bit,
That is awesome and as one who knows what it takes, I congratulate you to that :)

so I'll definitely keep bulking until I either reach 20% body fat or 180 lbs.
Okay... the 180lbs mark may sound sane, because it's independent on what your body composition will be, you simply want the number, that's understandable. BUT if you really wish not to cross the 20% mark, you should seriously consider that the scanner may realistically give you even -4% at all times :-/ I don't want to be pessimistic, but until I really see you, until I see that awesome supreme genetics that are painted by these values, I will rather stay conservative and say that you likely may approach or perhaps even crossed 20% already. But I'm ready to eat my words if I see more... (even if I think it unlikely)

And if that is right, you may miss the good time to start cutting :-/ ... So, I don't know, think perhaps about alternative ways of assessing it. If money is not a major limiting factor, you could consider the DEXA scan or the underwater weighing measurement.

used to think that "lean" & "dirty" just referred to the types of food you ate to bulk (i.e. bulking on whole foods vs bulking on junk food). Now I realize that it's based purely on caloric intake (i.e. <200+ vs >200+). This is something that dawned on me belatedly, but I'm not sure if I should post this in the "Things That Dawned On You Belatedly" thread since most people on this forum would probably have no idea what any of this means...
Haha, you are right that would be hard to swallow for non-fitness folks.

But... It is not only calories. There are people in the industry who will claim that the "a calorie is not a calorie" goes even further where ultimately the caloric intake doesn't matter at all and only the quality matters, but that in my mind goes too far, borders with BS. What my observations (and understanding of science) say is that caloric intake INSANELY matters (just like the laws of thermodynamics), BUT what also matters is what conditions you help to build in your body to make the body net-anabolic (=mostly anabolic, even though, as a normal person, you cannot avoid periods of catabolism, that's normal). If you start to eat only junk but keep the calories at check (if you even manage to do it right, since more junk it is, more difficult it becomes to determine the calories/the numbers correctly in lots of cases), then, putting aside the fact that you probably won't be able to do that mentally, since your perceived/subjective energy levels will fluctuate like crazy, the fact that your insuline and sugar-blood levels will be so unstable, that you may not have even enough protein suddenly to do anything meaningful or that you cause some energy to be stored as fat too quickly even though it's still needed elsewhere (and then it has to be reaccessed and burnt as body fat as though you were in a deficit), that all will create much worse conditions for building any mass. You must not forget there is always that magical muscle:fat gains ratio and it will be A LOT influenced by this, by the QUALITY of the calorie.

Dirty bulk for most people means "no control" and yes, even junk*. (which means unstable insuline/blood-sugar levels, it means imperfect dealing with the energy: sudden storing when not needed, then sudden burning because it was suddenly stored before, it means bad protein levels too). But you are right that for many responsible body builders "dirty bulk" will mean: good food, but eating unhinged, then yes, you are absolutely right :)

*One of the best Czech natural body builders used to do quite an unhinged dirty junk-food bulk. (of course, he looked absolutely terrible at the height of his bulk :D)
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Sīmia Illustris
What are your numbers on those compound movements?
... so, I mentioned my numbers 2 messages ago, how do you stand now in your lifts? :) As you hinted already, it seems you may be surpassing me in some of them hahaha (or well, at least in one I don't do, heh) ^ a short version would suffice (no need for a whole training log)

R. Seltza

Magnus Oculus
... so, I mentioned my numbers 2 messages ago, how do you stand now in your lifts? :) As you hinted already, it seems you may be surpassing me in some of them hahaha (or well, at least in one I don't do, heh) ^ a short version would suffice (no need for a whole training log)
Bench: 150 lbs (155 lbs next time)
Squat: 200 lbs (205 lbs next time)
Deadlift: 200 lbs (205 lbs next time)


Sīmia Illustris
Awesome really! Is that for one set of a few reps (and then deloading)? I suppose it's hard for me to compare, since we train differently, maybe if we counted the total volume?

For squat my typical total volume is now: 2640 KG - 5819 lbs
bench: 1740 KG - 3835 lbs
deadlift: same like the squat or perhaps a little bit more
What about the barbell overhead press?
(there my total volume would be now maybe 1008 kg / 2221 lbs)

& I do things on the pull up bar ; P

But otherwise, it seems you're just more talented to this than me ;) But that's fine, we all work with a different material, haha! :- D (and I'm cutting now, heh.)

- if you wanted to check the deadlift form, you could make a video... I'm quite good now at spotting the form mistakes (sometimes in my own videos as well).

Btw., as a visual reference point to your assumed initial untrained state (lean mass wise, body fat wise), this was me (before summer) with lean mass of around 121 lbs and body fat 14% (with more or less the same height as yours).
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