Help with finding phrase in Geografika - Strabon



Hi! I need help to find a specific phrase at a manuscript from Geografika by Strabon, Book 3, chapter 3, first paragraph. I know the exact place of this phrase in the printed version:


But unable to find it in the manuscript. I wonder if anybody can help me to find it and how we could do? I can share the manuscript pdf file somehow. Any help is most welcome. :)
Well, they way they did it in ancient times was to unroll the scroll until they got to the spot they were looking for. Unless your PDF is searchable, I think you are just going to have to look through it until you find it. Sometimes the manuscripts will mark sections with illustrations, larger letters, etc., but really don't know about this particular manuscript. If I may ask, what are you looking for in the manuscript that a print edition won't give you?