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HW: Clarification of clause type


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I've been given this sentence to translate.

Rex militem quendam dona ferentem Romam misit. Qui advenisset senatoribus totam rem narravit.

My translation: The king sent a soldier bearing gifts to Rome. On arrival, he told the senators the whole story.

'On arrival' is a very loose translation. How to understand Qui+ pluperfect subjunctive? I don’t think it’s a purpose clause. Does qui fulfil the same job as cum +subjunctive? I only have these two sentences so I don’t know the context.


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I suspect a cum has fallen out after qui for some reason. Seems like an error.
I did a Google search for "Rex militem quendam dona ferentem", and found "rex militem quendam dona ferentem Romam misit. qui cum advenisset, senatoribus totam rem narravit", apparently from Essential GCSE Latin.