Igloo in Latin

Does anyone know the best way to say igloo in Latin? Domus Glaciālis? Is there a suffix for "place of"? In Spanish it is Iglū so maybe a 4th declension version would be best? Not sure on this one.


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Maybe this is nitpicking, but glacialis usually means characterized by ice, very cold, icy, frozen, ice-like, rather than made of ice. The suffix meaning "made of" is usually -eus, a, um, but there doesn't seem to be any such adjective attested for glacies. So as not to go into longish phrases like domus e glacie facta, personally I think I'd go with snow instead of ice and say domus nivea.

If you want to borrow the word "igloo" into Latin and give it a Latin ending, I guess you can go either way: second-declension iglus, igli (or possibly iglum, igli) or fourth-declension iglus, iglus. The second declension is usually more productive with borrowings, but there can be exceptions. In this case I suppose there could be influence from association with domus.
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