Lengthy translation on behalf of my brother "The serenity of the Void be upon all who read these..."


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So this might be a bit of work, and it's asking a lot, but after some digging I found this site to hopefully resolve this not great job my brother did translating the text he wrote for the plot of his LARP (live action role play) into Latin. Spoiler: he probably used Google Translate. I don't have the specific context for why he needs this translated in Latin but I'll answer any questions that come up. Here's the original English text. If this is far too much to take on, then please see if you can just take a look at providing an accurate translation of the bolded section. I only took a few years of Latin 7 years ago in high school so sadly I wasn't able to help out much or at all in fact:

The serenity of the Void be upon all who read these words. 23,460 are interred here, one sacrifice for each year of her glorious reign. We drift with you our Empress. Alone in life, but not in death. Ghosts of the future read now the accounting of her greatest deeds.

The Void called Leezenshal. The Void provided her with the tools to undo the First Void Empress, may she drift in peace. Leezenshal claimed the Missing Throne. Leezanshal slew her fellow Atavites. The Void named Leezenshal the Musician. She sang her lonely name across the stars.

In the 83rd year of her reign, our Void Empress composed the song that would drive the Pax from our galaxy. Never will their ancient kind be seen again.

In the 1011th year of her reign, our Void Empress shattered the Compact of 1000. Praise disunity. Praise the One.

In the 8605th year of her reign, our Void Empress brought us into distant accord with the Infnite. Their madness weaved harmony into the endless song of our Empress.

In the 10000th Year of her reign, our Void Empress, in concert with the InÞnite, brought discord to the galaxy mind of the Collective. This began the 999 years of conquest. Woe the Collective. Cursed be their name.

In the 10601st Year of her reign, our Void Empress brought the Void to the homeworld of the Collective. Praise to the starless sky.

In the 10999th Year of her reign, our Void Empress held dominion over the Galaxy. Praise the Galactic Empire of the Void. Curse upon the shattered Collective.

In the 11000th year of her reign, the Void Empress began the purge. All songs must end.

In the 13844th year of her reign, the Void Empress discovered a lock on a lonely moon. When her song touched the lock, she knew there must be must be others. So began the age of discovery. 10 locks found our Empress. 10 keys to turn off creation.

In the 23403rd year of her reign, the Collective, the Void curse them, claimed the locks and turned the keys. They turned the power that could undo creation toward the Infnite, and turned the harmony of its madness from the Void, and from our beloved Empress.

In the final year of her reign, the Empress opened her breast to her loyal Atavites. We faithful dead bring an end to the glorious reign of the Second Void Empress Leezenshal.