Looking for a quote from a book


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Many years ago I had a quote in Latin that I really want to recover but I can't remember in which book I had read it (apart from that I think the book's cover was blue), nor many details about the quote... It was an old Latin quote in a relatively new, modern fiction book. The scene it featured in was around a father and child on a beach. The mood was quite somber. The quote itself was something about:

" while something.. the people and the animals are sleeping..."

It might have been from a Latin poem, 1 or 2 lines. I realise this is not much to go on, but it helped me recover from insomnia and means a lot to me.

Any help greatly appreciated!



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We've not much to go on there.
Here's a wild stab in the dark:

Nox erat et placidum carpebant fessa soporem
corpora per terras...