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Issacus Divus

H₃rḗǵs h₁n̥dʰéri diwsú
That doesn't mean that Swahili isn't an interesting language. I don't think you could accuse Pacifica of a similar motivation.

Languages I speak, to some degree, in rough order of competence:

- English (9)
- Latin (6)
- Attic Greek (6)
- Japanese (3)
- French (3)
- Hittite (2)
- German (2)
- Modern Greek (1)
- Sanskrit (1)
- Sumerian (1)
- Ugaritic (1)
- Hebrew (1)

Languages on the 'to learn' list:

Italian (have to learn it this summer)
Old Irish (?)
... and countless others I guess.
Yeah, we have strikingly similar language taste.

Issacus Divus

H₃rḗǵs h₁n̥dʰéri diwsú
Hard to say. I guess it's just that I like the sound of it and am mildly fascinated by the culture.
Arabic knowledge gives you a lot of good info for Afro-Asiatic inference.
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Mine are:
English: 10 (native speaker) and I grew up with a very non-standard dialect so I guess I have diglossia there.
French: 9 if you mean the formal language, somewhat less in the colloquial. I can understand everything said by tv presenters and such, but slangy conversation sometimes not everything.
Latin: 5. I understand Christian Latin (the Vulgate, the Mass) much better than Classical or Classicizing texts.
Arabic: It's a mess of Classical and Najdi dialect with elements of others thrown in so I don't know how to rate myself. Not higher than 5 or 6.
Japanese: Again, a mess because I haven't used it in almost 20 years. 3?


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Languages I might possibly consider learning at some point:

(more) German
(more) ancient Greek
Anglo-Norman French
Something exotic like Swahili
Well, I did end up starting the first one on the list a few months later...