My First Song Adaptation in Ancient Greek!


Civis Illustris

  • Civis Illustris

Since I've finally finished my self-taught course in Ancient Greek, I've been having fun experimenting with the language! My first extended composition (i.e. more than a couple random sentences) is a song translation/adaptation that I'd like to share in case anyone has any critiques/suggestions (please don't hold back). My goal, as always, was to strike the delicate balance between staying as faithful as possible to the meaning and maintaining the beat, melody, and rhyme scheme.

Perhaps appropriately, the guinea pig for my first foray into Ancient Greek lyrics is a song from Disney's "Hercules." A college-level classics student (I'm just an enthusiastic autodidact) who also translates/adapts popular songs seemed to like it, so maybe you will too!

NOTE: Words with no diacritics except for a single macron are presumed to have the appropriate accent (acute or grave) on the syllable bearing the macron.

I made a video on YouTube where the lyrics appear as subtitles in the original music video.