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Linear B researcher Anna P. Judson has created a Mycenaean Greek version of monopoly:
"It’s been an unashamedly nerdy ambition of mine for quite a long time to make a Bronze Age version of Monopoly, themed around the Mycenaean palaces of Bronze Age Greece – so now that I’m PhD-less, I thought I’d finally give it a go. Allow me to present: Mycenopoly – or, in Linear B, mu-ke-no-po-ru:"
Continue reading here (and see images of this wonderfully original creation)!

Iohannes Aurum

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Good thing Judson chose to distribute the game for free for educational purposes (i.e. to those with teaching positions), not for commercial purposes, which would prevent an army of Hasbro lawyers from knocking her front door.

Kuba26, I have also moved this thread to the "Ancient Greek" subforum, as it is obviously not a forum game.