Homework Non aliter Maeandrus in agris Phrygiis ludit


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As I'm getting into fairly authentic Latin, I'm noticing how free form its getting. I just wanted to make sure this translation is semi-correct because it sounds non sensical to me. The original passage reads: Non aliter Maeandrus in agris Phrygiis ludit et ambiguo lapsu fluit et refluit; occurrens sibi, aquas incertas nunc ad fontes, nunc ad mare apertum ducit. My translation: This was no different than the Meander River in the fields of Phrygia that it mimics and flowed and reflected by ambiguous sliding; this occurring to him, the uncertain waters now led to a fountain, they now led to an open sea. This passage is describing the labyrinth for context and the "him" is Daedalus.


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Meandrus is the subject of "ludit", "fluit" and "refluit".
Also is of "occurrens" and "ducit" with "aquas incertas" being the object of that last verb. You may want to have another go at translating it with that in mind.
"Occurrens sibi" is a bit tricky, I'm not sure how to translate it best in English, it means something like "folding upon oneself","winding".
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