Possibly Yiddish


Civis Illustris
Context: A woman had to identify a body and reported to a family member: "Ich habe ihn agnosziert".

agnosziert - any idea what it could mean?
agnos = latin
zieren = German to adorn, grace

Possibly Yiddish?
Possibly "make the sign of the cross" over a body?

Etaoin Shrdlu

The word is just the German version of the Latin agnoscere. The -zieren ending is common for German words borrowed from Latin: see identifizieren (a synonym for the word in question), modifizieren, fabrizieren, produzieren and dozens of others that a reverse search of a German dictionary on *zieren would uncover, at least if there were any online German dictionaries that supported this function (which neither @Bitmap nor I have been able to find, if they exist). It has nothing to do with the German verb zieren, and certainly nothing to do with Yiddish.
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Issacus Divus

H₃rḗǵs h₁n̥dʰéri diwsú
Nisht di shfrakh fun di ashkhnzim