Mediaeval Pro cujus dissolutione

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Thank you for any help provided. If my translation works, my question regards "ita." Must it be included in the English translation?

Pro cujus dissolutione quatuor assigno verarum prophetiarum conditiones quae non ita daemoniacis pronuntiationibus conveniunt .

"For a reply of which, I assign four conditions of true prophecies, which are not thus consistent with demonic pronouncements."



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At first sight it looks more like "which are not so consistent" in the sense of "not very consistent", rather than "not thus consistent" in the sense of "not consistent in the same way as something previously mentioned", but since I don't know the context, I could be wrong. Is there something in the context to suggest the second interpretation rather than the first?

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"not very consistent" might work better. He is offering four conditions for discerning true prophecies in contrast to false demonic pronouncements. It would seem this would be cut and dry, but he suggests that it can be very difficult to discern between the two, such that "very consistent" might support that nuance that some false pronouncements at taken for true prophecies. Thanks, Pacifica.