Psallite sapienter - Sacred music


Auditor et Discipulus
Subacta cedunt tartara,
crucis triumphus emicat:
o Virgo consors praelii,
succede consors gloriae.

Audi: beatis aethera
tibi resultant canticis;
festiva caeli regia,
ducente Cristo, en obvia.

Assumpta ave caelestium
sublimis inter ordines;
innixa lesu debitum,
regina, scande solium.

(Agone functam, strenuo
plaudens coronat Trinitas:
o quanta confert Trinitas
Sponsae, Parenti, Filiae!)--> deleted in the video I posted

Iam passionis aemula
ab ortu ab aram Golgothae,
Agno salutis asside
redemptionis arbitra.

Et terra et astra et inferi
te venerentur subditi;
sub te catenas vindice
calcatus anguis mordeat.

(O Virgo, in aula gloriae
soli secunda Numini,
dum vultus astra, recreat,
ne desit orbi dextera.

Extrema nati oracula,
mater, adimple; et creditos
ex ore Verbi filios
regnis paternis assere.

Iesu, tibi, cui propior
dilecta regnat Genetrix,
cum Patre et almo Spiritu
sit sempiterna gloria.)--> Deleted in the video I posted.
It used to be sung for the Assumption in the Ambrosian Rite (especially before the Second Vatican Council).

Terry S.

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Don't know what happened to that guy. He just stopped producing videos some years ago.


Auditor et Discipulus
I don't know either. I like his channel because he is in tune and sings chants you don't find anywhere else. Besides, he sings Gregorian and Ambrosian Chant. I think he just left the web because, you know, he was born in 1940 and I guess he prefers to dedicate himself only to actual Masses. I hope he is instructing someone to continue the job after he retires, though. You hear less and less Gregorian Chant these days. On the contrary Marco Frisina and his band are all over the place.
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Auditor et Discipulus
I think this used to be sung during the mass "in albis":

Ad regias agni dapes
stolis amicti candidis
post transitum maris rubri
Christo canamus principi

Divina cujus caritas
sacrum propinat Sanguinem
almique membra corporis
amor sacerdos immolat

Sparsum cruorem postibus
vastator horret Angelus (x2)
fugitque divisum mare
merguntur hostes fluctibus (x2)

Iam pascha nostrum Christus est
paschalis idem victima (x2 I+II)
et pura puris mentibus
sinceritatis azyma (x2)

The following part was deleted in this version.
((((O vera caeli victima
subjecta cui sunt tartara
soluta mortis vincula
recepta vitae praemia

Victor subactis inferis
trophaea Christus explicat
caeloque aperto subditum
regem tenebrarum trahit

Ut sis perenne mentibus
paschale Jesu gaudium
a morte dira criminum
vitae renatos libera ))))

Deo patri sit gloria
et filio qui a mortuis
surrexit ac paraclito
in sempiterna saecula


I wonder how a whole orchestra was allowed to play in a church an "operistic" rendition of this:oops: by a Bohemian composer. Nevertheless, I think it's nice. Probably it's a private Chapel.


Auditor et Discipulus
Don't know what happened to that guy. He just stopped producing videos some years ago.
BTW, that guy is very well. He just moved on to the saxophone after coronavirus, since the singers can't meet. Now they call him "Giovanni sax man" because he playes the sax every day in his neighbourhood (not on rainy days) Here's an article of an year ago, it's in Italian.


Auditor et Discipulus
Salutis humanae Sator
Jesu voluptas cordium
Orbis redempti Conditor,
Et casta lux amantium

Tu dux ad astra et semita,
Sis meta nostris cordibus,
Sis lacrymarum gaudium
Sis dulce vitae praemium.

I think the description "motet of the Venetian School" isn't correct. This kind of chant is actually more ancient and has, IMHO, to be considered part of the so called "canto patriarchino"-"chant of the Patriarchs", which was used since well before the XVI century not only in north-eastern Italy, but also in Istrian and Dalmatian regions (according to musicologist David Di Paoli Paulovich). The Council of Trent didn't outlaw the Aquileian Rite, but the Patriarchs' chant was progressively abandoned and Gregorian melodies were used instead. What was then an immense "repertoire" has been mostly lost.