Spear of God

Cardia Darkhill

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I'm attempting to write a novel which is nearing completion. In this novel there is a character who refers to several of their own abilities in Sumerian, however this was done as a placeholder with crude machine translations. I've recently decided that certain parallels within the novel work better if they were in Latin for thematic reasons.

The first phrase I would like translated is:
"Spear of God", "The Spear of God" or "God's Spear"
If possible, I would like it so there is some confusion in the wording as to whether the character is referring to themselves or a deity when they say the phrase. This is preferred but not critical.
(The character is male, for the sake of gendered words)

I would like a few other phrases translated, but they are not as important to the novel and I'm not sure if I can ask for multiple translations in the same thread.

Thank you all very much for your time!


Homo Sapiens
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Dei telum should do for all 3.