Strange Greek phrase




Look at this image:

Is this Latin? If so, can you please translate it for me?
Thank you! ^_^


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Re: Is this Latin?

Nope. It looks Greek (literally) to me.


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Re: Is this Latin?

It says

Kore, phytadapso

The only word I can make sense of is "kore" though ... in which context did you see that sign?

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Re: Is this Latin?

The first word could be the vocative of κόρος "boy", but I can't find that second word anywhere. It's not in any dictionaries of ancient Greek as far as I can tell, which at first caused me to assume it was modern Greek, but if that were the case you'd expect it to show up somewhere on the Internet. Yet, bizarrely, it doesn't.


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Re: Is this Latin?

Well, here it is as text, so that you can more easily show it to a Greek-speaker:

Someone dixit:
Κορε, φυταδαψο
It looks like someone trying out the Greek input on their computer (perhaps with LaTeX) to me!

If ‘κορε’ is supposed to be ‘κόρη’, then it means ‘maiden’.

P.S. That’s actually a ‘variant theta’ at the end of the first line, but I got a MySql error when I tried to submit the post with that character in it!


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Re: Is this Latin?

This looks absolutely ridiculous! :roll: It looks like someone Greek forgot to change his keyboard language when trying to type in English!Say,if I wanted to type ''Hello'' and had forgotten to change it,it would be like this; Ηελλο.
The κορε type does not exist,it does not refer to κόρη,in Ancient Greek meaning the young girl-woman or maiden,in Modern Greek the daughter. The one who wrote that must have tried to type ''core fytadaco''.The line above that is just random letters.