strong by/through stone and water


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Hi everyone!

I've had the sentence "strong by/through stone and water translated by a certified translator. However, she gave me several options and I'm not sure which one would be best. The sentence is a sort of coat of arms. Here are the options:

Fortes saxo et aqua
Fortes saxis et aqua

Duri saxo et aqua
Duri saxis et aqua

Fortes silice et aqua
Fortes silicibus et aqua

Duri silice et aqua
Duri silicibus et aqua

If any of you could help me choose the best option that would be great! :peace:
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That is kind of vague and hard to understand, and it can mean many things because of that. Cinefactus is asking for more context so that he can help you choose the best translation.
Yes I do realize that it is very vague. It is for a client of mine. The only instructions I received was that it is a motto or a text for a coat of arms. Unfortynately I do not have more context, which is also the reason why the translator gave me so many options as she agreed that it is difficult to interpret into Latin.


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it is difficult to interpret into Latin.
I wouldn't say it is difficult to express in Latin—it is just difficult if you don't know what she is trying to say. Can she tell us the story behind her request?