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I find symbols very interesting, expecially when they have some latin in them.
It would be nice to gather a certain amount of them. I start out with two:

Famous one:

Screenshot (3).png

This one is less popular. A "Rota Mundi" (embedded in the frontespiece of Leibniz's "Dissertatio de Arte Combinatoria"). The rose in the center probably signifies the "quintessence"-

Screenshot (4).png

Issacus Divus

H₃rḗǵs h₁n̥dʰéri diwsú
This is the kinda thread I’d make.


Auditor et Discipulus
Recurrent "Symbol" in a lot of libraries also online. (although, it's more similar to a motto, actually):
tecta lege, lecta tege

One of Gabriele D'Annunzio's mottoes (Italian poet 1863-1938):


Immotus nec iners

Issacus Divus

H₃rḗǵs h₁n̥dʰéri diwsú

Three hares meme.


Auditor et Discipulus
Tiles in "Alhambra" with Charles the fifth's motto (it is, to this day, the motto of the Spanish Royal Family):
"Plus ultra"
(the same of non plus ultra, just without the "non")


Auditor et Discipulus
I like symbols, because often you find them in the movies or in actual landmarks and it's nice to recognize their meaning. Glad that you like them too!


Civis Illustris
Probably the simpliest family crest ever conceived:

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Motto: Nec descendere nec morari
Family: Italian: Scaligeri / della Scala based in northern Italy (nobles of German descent "Von der Leiter"- "of the ladder").
Almost fitting for the President of the European Commission.