Title of a poem: Casus futum abs, futum abs




Hi, my name is Rachel and I'm not really interested in latin, but I was going over some of my old poetry and I found one, hand written, so it must've been me, but the title is in Latin and I have no idea what it means! The contents of the poem don't provide any clue either and I must have written it ages ago. If any one can help by telling me what it means I would be most grateful.

The title is
'Casus futum abs, futum abs'

I accidently put this in the wrong forum. sorry. I hope someone can help me.



  • Princeps Senatus

I think you mentioned in your introduction that you never studied Latin, right? Or was this just my imagination?

I am having trouble with this translation, because it probably contains mistakes.

I am just creating an alibi for myself, not trying to criticize you in any way :mrgreen:

Anyway, my guess would be: The way fortune will work, is the way it will work.

I guessed 'fortune' for 'casus', but it can mean a whole bunch of things: fall, overthrow, chance/fortune, accident, emergency, calamity, plight, fate, grammatical case..."

What do you think?