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Saw a Latin phrase in a prominent political party looked suspicious so wanted to find out


According to them it's supposed to mean "rooted as one"



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It is garbage from Google Translate. GT has Unus, not Onus.

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Which prominent political party, just so we can point and laugh?

Edit: there seems to be a 'rooted as one' FB community, but that doesn't seem to be a party, let alone a prominent one. Actually, I'm not sure that I know what that's supposed to mean in English. It does sound very fluffy, though.
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This thread helped me to discover the list of presidential campaign slogans.

Some are clever: For U. S. Grant: "Grant us another term." Some are prosaic: Van Buren: "Independent treasury and liberty." Some are funny: "In your guts you know he's nuts" (actually a counter-slogan against Goldwater). And some seem like such a wistful dream" Harding's "Return to Normalcy."