"walks till death"

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I am creating a emblem for my Samoyed dog. The design involves a leaping Samoyed, snowflakes, broken sticks and a bunny. All the things she loves to chase or frolic through. I will sew the design onto a bandana (and maybe a few wall art hangings) that she can proudly wear.

Was wondering what the phrase, "walks till death" would look like. She is hardcore and even when its been negative 40 I've geared up and taken her out. Side note, we were living in Fairbanks Alaska at the time.

Thanks for any help.


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I think:
ambulat usque ad mortem (Walks till death)
ambulat usque ad finem (walks until death- finem is a figurative term, like postremum or suprema or extremum or extimum)
are both valid alternatives.
you can also merge usque ad like this:

ambulat adusque mortem
ambulat adusque finem

usque ad finem (et ultra)
is the motto of several military organizations as well, and means "until the end (and beyond)". Where, as I said, "finem" is used figuratively to mean death.
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Thank you!
I believe "ambulat adusque mortem" would have the best look to the design. Most English speakers could recognize the root words of ambulat and mortem.
Thanks a billion.

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Fantastic! I've heard her frequently referred to by strangers as a marshmallow or a white fluffy cloud. She will approve of the implied, we should go on more walks and also that she is tough. Which she is tough but in her own way.
Thanks for the second thought.