With this pledge of blood...


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I'm hoping to translate:

"With this [pledge/deposit] of blood and breath,
I summon the unseen forces to [animate] this [dead thing]."

I'm really flexible on a lot of this wording. It's more important to me that it sound good than be a perfect translation.

For instance, with the whole [pledge/deposit] thing, the blood and breath are sort of like a down payment. Is there a particular word that would work for this? What is in fidem?

For [animate] I want a word that means put life into, but not necessarily resurrect or bring back.

And for [dead thing], I'm hoping there's a word that would be applicable to a dead human, a dead animal, and a dead plant as well. Is there a word like that?

Thanks in advance.


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You could say:

Hoc sanguinis spiritusque pignore,
advoco potestates invisibiles ut hoc mortuum animent.

Which is a pretty exact translation. Literally:

"With this pledge of blood and breath,
I summon the invisible forces/powers to animate (so that they may animate) this dead thing."


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I can't believe how different this is from what Google Translate gave me.
Google Translate is usually helpful when you want to get the gist of a text written in a major modern language, but it's hopeless at Latin.

Here's what it gives me for "With this pledge of blood and breath, I summon the unseen forces to animate this dead thing":

In hoc pignus spiritus et sanguis,
Hoc copiarum animati turpis mortuum vocat.

That could translate roughly to, let's see...

"Into this pledge, breath and blood summon this dead thing of (armed) forces of an ugly animate thing."

or in a number of other, equally or more nonsensical ways.

Thank you so much.
You're welcome.