Witnesses will testify against you and hell will consume you all


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Don't be scared. I don't mean to say that the above-mentioned fate awaits all the members of this forum; I only want to ask a couple questions about the Arabic translation of this sentence.

My attempt was this:

سيَشْهَدُ شاهِدون عليكم وتَأْكُلُ النارُ كلَّكم

And the answer key has this:

سيشهَدُ عليكم شاهِدونَ وسَتَأْكُلُكُمُ النارُ كلَّكم

The things I'm unsure of are the following:

- Is my word order in سيَشْهَدُ شاهِدون عليكم, which differs from the answer key, equally valid, or is it breaking a rule, awkward, unidiomatic, unusual, you name it?

- Is the enclitic pronoun in سَتَأْكُلُكُمُ compulsory or is it possible to have it only after كلّ? I can't remember reading any clear rule about this.

- I'm almost sure there have been sentences in the textbook where the future proclitic سَ is used only once in a sentence even though the other verbs in it have a future meaning as well, so I think its repetition is optional. But since I'm here I might as well ask as I can't be entirely sure there isn't some reason why it must absolutely be repeated here.
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