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I just haven't looked in detail at the later suggestions yet (of which there are many), since this was for a composition assignment which I have already submitted ;). I will say that I'm not familiar with capum -- where are you getting that from?
Ah, I see.
Capum was given on Wiktionary as a Vulgar Latin form (perhaps I should have used the asterisk). A link to its own page can be found on the Wiktionary caput page, and there is an attestation given there.

This translation presents quite an interesting and thorny little semantic problem, though. Trying to think "outside the box", in the case of *capum way outside the box, for suggestions.
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@EstQuodFulmineIungo, I haven't heard from Etaoin lately, and am starting to suspect he might be a little "p'd off", since people were jumping on him a bit last time I saw him on here (as I'm sure you remember). Perhaps one of us should reach out to him?


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Etaoin is female.

And I'm not sure she needs any reassuring. She's been involved in worse arguments.


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