Modern Musical Genres in Latin?


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This is the result of another random linguistic brainstorm of mine, as always concerning the use of Latin in modern contexts. I checked in Traupman's Conversational Latin to see what he might have done in this department, but I couldn't find anything. I would also check the Vatican dictionary for Neo-Latin...if I had a copy.

The derivation of these proposed terms varies. Some are more or less calques, others are paraphrases, and a few are the nearest possible transcriptions of the original English words into Latin phonology.

I am by no means an expert on music. If you think some of my classifications or nomenclature is erroneous, feel free to correct me. Your opinions on the translations/transcriptions are also welcome!

mūsica vulgāris = popular/pop
mūsica jazza = jazz
mūsica raepa = rap
mūsica rocenrolis = rock/rock 'n' roll
mūsica rūrālis = country-Western music
mūsica rhythmica = rhythm and blues
mūsica hispānica = Latin music
mūsica classica = classical music
müsica panca = punk music
mūsica raectaema = ragtime/reggae
mūsica animae = soul
mūsica disnēiāna = Disney

Iohannes Aurum

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Torontum, Ontario, Canada
If Disney is itself a genre, then how about mūsica Nobui Uematsui? It means music composed by video game composer Nobuo Uematsu. See this for details.